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For some time now I have had an interest in the Labyrinth.  Walking the Labyrinth and all that comes from walking the Labyrinth. 


It is said that no one is certain of the entire history of the Labyrinth.  There are clues as to its origins such as the discovery of a labyrinth doodle on a Greek clay tablet dated 1200BCE.  Also it is known that over time labyrinths of various shapes and sizes have appeared on every inhabited continent.

People walk the labyrinth for various reasons such as: to gain clarity,  to break old patterns,  to connect with God,  to receive help,  to become more open,  to relax, to find wisdom,  to celebrate, to turn a new corner,  to pray, to heal, to meditate,  to ask for answers to questions.

I have experienced all of the above and I would like to share with you my most recent experience.

6th May, 2016 I am here at the Labyrinth.  Beautiful day.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Its so peaceful here.  I have just completed my first walk.

Taking a question with me as I walked today.  A question that seemed significant and much arose while walking and pausing and stopping in the centre.  I was particularly noticing that my shadow was present.  As I navigated the twists and turns along the path my shadow was before me as though leading me.  Then it was behind me as though protecting me.  Then it was beside me as though just walking with me.    Just  thoughts.

I was reminded to walk softly and with awareness.  To slow down.  It was nice to allow this to happen.

Whilst pausing in the centre words came to me as I practiced a Mudra. “I open my heart and let go of resistance.  I draw up from the well of my creativity and intuition.  I offer this to the Universe.  I return to my heart with love and peace.” (There are arm movements to coincide with these words).

Now I have returned to the threshold and I feel peaceful , sitting for meditation  incredibly calm and quiet. 

I have many questions.  The answers to which I must be patient.

I have taken off my shoes and will walk again now……

After walking  –  a brief meditation and breathing.  Focusing on who I am right now.

It was quite challenging with no shoes!!  The ground is fairly rough.  But it reminded me to keep going despite the obstacles in life.  To keep my balance.  To look forward, not down.  Always look forward not down, realising also  that I am  in the moment.

There is a lovely breeze as I sit now beside the Labyrinth. I give thanks for the warmth of the sun and the beautiful clear blue sky.  May all being be blessed and find refuge in Gods eternal gifts .I resolve to return and walk again.  Peace  Amen.   

The Labyrinth I walk is in Kew at the Campion Centre of Ignatian Spirituality.  Do some research if you like and perhaps join me one day!!   Love and blessings