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An Introduction to Yoga

If you are wondering whether to try a yoga class and not quite sure about what to expect, my introduction may be of help.  I welcome beginners at any time.


People come to yoga for a variety of reasons…It may be to assist the physical body in some way, it can be to improve mental focus and concentration or to learn ways of managing stress which when not managed, can reflect in a negative way on  the body, mind and emotions.

The most common practice is Hatha Yoga.  A combination of postures stretching breathing and relaxation.

The postures address the body in very specific ways to develop strength, flexibility and balance but also to stimulate internal organs and systems in the body for overall health and wellbeing.

Particular awareness is focused on the breath while practicing the postures, as this helps with concentration and ensures that you remain present and mindful so that you are extending your body but never straining.

Training the mind to follow an evenness of breath helps to cultivate a calm, uncluttered mind. The breath is the fundamental tool of yoga and the fundamental tool of mindfulness training.

Breath awareness is most helpful in managing stress levels as they arise in the body.  It is also practiced as a means of moving into deep relaxation and meditation.

These are very useful tools that can be applied in everyday life and living.

One of my very early teachers once said to me…its not like taking a pill…you need to make an effort.

That is so true, but the effort you make is by no means a hardship, it is interesting and exciting and joyful and the best part is that is pays dividends.  It gives you an opportunity to nurture yourself on all levels which then results in a much happier and healthier you.

So I welcome you on your Yoga Journey and I wish you a healthy body and a peaceful mind.

Blessings to all.